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Live Training

Lynne LaFond DeLuca ~ Trainer and PresenterThe Beverly Clark Hospitality Training Program was created to provide catering professionals with the tools they need to meet the challenges they face and assist them in finding solutions with not only the wedding market, but all aspects of their business, including corporate markets, social catering, sporting events such as golf and tennis tournaments and charitable events. Live training also focuses on global tools needed to succeed in reaching your catering goals such as creating the perfect marketing plan for your property, developing your niche market and determining your competitive advantage through the creation of a competitive analysis.

Live, Custom Programs and Seminars
This option allows the client to customize a program focused on achieving your specific company and department goals. Once the program content is agreed upon, a professional Beverly Clark Trainer will present the seminar "live" to your selected group of employees.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:
  • A working knowledge of today's brides and grooms and their expectations
  • The importance of knowing your competition and what gives you a competitive advantage
  • How to create an event-friendly environment
  • Creating a consistent sales environment between all sales people
  • Making the most out of your communication with your clients
  • Ways to increase your prospecting and closing ratios
  • Why brides choose to have a "destination" wedding and your role in creating a special experience
  • Event trends and "upselling" techniques
  • The importance of inter-department communication and teamwork
  • How to generate immediate revenue in the next thirty days
  • Wine education and upselling
  • How to create and execute an effective marketing plan
  • Effective ways to increase golf tournament business and per event revenue
On-Property, Personal Consultation
This option puts help directly in your office, as one-on-one, we explore ways to make your operation more effective, successful and producing the optimum amount of revenue. We will cover some of the above topics as well as specific challenges you face on a daily basis.
Dedicated to Increasing Your Wedding and Honeymoon Profits